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Date Namesort descending Authors EVAg
Sep 2019 Antibody Response to Toscana Virus and Sandfly Fever Sicilian Virus in Cats Naturally Exposed to Phlebotomine Sand Fly Bites in Portugal Pereira André, Ayhan Nazli, Cristóvão José Manuel, Vilhena Hugo, Martins Ângela, Cachola Patrícia, Henriques Joaquim, Coimbra Mónica, Catarino Ana, Lestinova Tereza, Spitzova Tatiana, Volf Petr, Campino Lenea, Charrel Remi, Maia Carla Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg partner
Jan 2020 Broader Geographical Distribution of Toscana Virus in the Mediterranean Region Suggests the Existence of Larger Varieties of Sand Fly Vectors Ayhan Nazli, Prudhomme Jorian, Laroche Lison, Bañuls Anne-Laure, Charrel Remi N. Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg partner
Aug 2020 Compartmentalized Replication of SARS-Cov-2 in Upper vs. Lower Respiratory Tract Assessed by Whole Genome Quasispecies Analysis Rueca Martina, Bartolini Barbara, Gruber Cesare Ernesto Maria, Piralla Antonio, Baldanti Fausto, Giombini Emanuela, Messina Francesco, Marchioni Luisa, Ippolito Giuseppe, Di Caro Antonino, Capobianchi Maria Rosaria Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg end-user
Aug 2021 The New Generation hDHODH Inhibitor MEDS433 Hinders the In Vitro Replication of SARS-CoV-2 and Other Human Coronaviruses Calistri Arianna, Luganini Anna, Mognetti Barbara, Elder Elizabeth, Sibille Giulia, Conciatori Valeria, Del Vecchio Claudia, Sainas Stefano, Boschi Donatella, Montserrat Nuria, Mirazimi Ali, Lolli Marco Lucio, Gribaudo Giorgio, Parolin Cristina Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg end-user
Sep 2019 Vδ2 T-Cells Kill ZIKV-Infected Cells by NKG2D-Mediated Cytotoxicity Cimini , Sacchi , De Minicis , Bordoni , Casetti , Grassi , Colavita , Castilletti , Capobianchi , Ippolito , Desimio , Doria , Agrati Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg end-user