Journal of Medical Virology

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Datesort ascending Name Authors EVAg
Nov 2020 A simple method for detection of a novel coronavirus (SARS‐CoV‐2) using one‐step RT‐PCR followed by restriction fragment length polymorphism Son Ho Anh, Hang Dinh Thi Thu, Thuan Nghiem Duc, Quyen Le Thi Bao, Thuong Luong Thi Hoai, Nga Vu Thi, Quang Le Bach, Hung Trinh Thanh, Son Nguyen Thai, Linh Nguyen Tung, Nam Le Van, Van Ba Nguyen, Tien Tran Viet, Quyet Do, Van Luong Hoang, Su Hoang Xuan Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg end-user
Oct 2020 Evaluation of SARS‐CoV‐2 neutralizing antibodies using a CPE‐based colorimetric live virus micro‐neutralization assay in human serum samples Manenti Alessandro, Maggetti Marta, Casa Elisa, Martinuzzi Donata, Torelli Alessandro, Trombetta Claudia M., Marchi Serena, Montomoli Emanuele Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg end-user
Sep 2019 Nasal or throat sampling is adequate for the detection of the human respiratory syncytial virus in children with acute respiratory infections Nguyen Van Hoan, Russell Fiona M, Dance David AB, Vilivong Keoudomphone, Phommachan Souphatsone, Syladeth Chanthaphone, Lai Jana, Lim Ruth, Morpeth Melinda, Mayxay Mayfong, Newton Paul N, Lamballerie Xavier, Dubot‐Pérès Audrey Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg partner