Core Partner, BSL3, EU

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Charité - universitätsmedizin berlin is the largest German teaching hospital. Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin (CUB), Germany, is the largest German university teaching hospital. The Institute of Virology provides innovative diagnostics for emerging pathogens and leads the virological diagnostics of the diagnostic Labor Berlin, producing over 100,000 medical records per year.

The Charité Business development unit provides additional support toward sustainability of CUB activities within EVA-GLOBAL. Through Labor Berlin and years of own fieldwork into human and animal viruses, CUB has unique access to specimens for virus isolation and for WP2 on uncultivable viruses. Decades of experience in outbreak response and innovative diagnostics guarantee efficient management of outbreak tasks within WP8 and derived materials within WP3. Under their previous affiliation, University of Bonn Medical Centre, CUB members were starting partners of EVA and successfully continued during EVAg, providing WHO-recognized contributions during the response to the MERS and Zika epidemics.